Saturday, 5 January 2008

Cast Iron Cookware

I have a marvelous collection of cast iron cookware that I have acquired at exhibitions, thrift shops and ebay.

Why? Aside from the health reasons.....the cooking is just marvelous once you get the knack. My daughter even makes nachos using the cast iron griddle since she loves the fact that the heat is retained while you are eating off the griddle!

I will post pix of my cast iron ware as I use them in my recipes. I encourage you to find your own. If anyone needs Toronto pointers I'd be willing to put a list together of cheap outlets for new cast iron cookware! Canadian Tire, Home Hardware and some Kensington Market and Chinatown locations are good starting points!

(PS You have to clean cast iron with muscle. I usually get my dog to do a pre-rinse :) and then I soak/heat the pan with salt water before scrubbing with copper brushes...after washing I dry and heat and treat with oil if needed).

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