Tuesday, 26 February 2008

This ain't the chipper: Organic Yams, Broccoli and Wild Caught Pacific Halibut

I lived briefly in Ireland by completing a co-operative work term there as part of my undergraduate mathematics degree at the University of Waterloo.

I packed in a lot in those 3.5 months including getting out a few times to the discos and rugby club parties with a childhood friend/penpal I had made from my grandparent's neighbourhood.

At that time, a big part of a night out was to visit to the local chipper on the way home after a night in the pubs. You picked the local chipper so you could get the taxi to drop you off at the chipper and you could walk home from there...sometimes with neighbours that were performing similar Saturday night rituals. The greasy 'food' would soak up the mess caused by the 'drink'. Today's chippers in Ireland seem to have revised their menu offerings (grilled meat and fresh salad? wow).

The passing of over twenty years sure has also revised my idea of an enjoyable Saturday night outing. I was at a moving performance of Tosca this past Saturday. Soul food like opera, shared with loved ones, is now a staple in my spiritual larder.

This Ain't the Chipper

  1. Organic yams peeled and chopped: 1 hour of baking at 350 F lightly coat these with organic sunflower oil if desired $2.57/kg California
  2. Wild caught pacific halibut rubbed with organic dried dill (pictured above is a 166 g steak): 45 minutes at 350F on a grilling pan. $33.05/kg BC
  3. Organic broccoli - lightly steamed. $2.99/bunch California
  4. Pure black olive tapenade (Minasso brand from Italy: GM, additive and preservative free). $16.61/kg Italy

The yams were of the Beauregard variety - these retain shape/texture quite well. Mercury levels in the pacific wild caught halibut are reasonable enough to allow me to recreate my own version of the ole' chipper a few times a year - even if it is a guilty indulgence.....sigh.....
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I purchased the tapenade at Highland Farms grocery store. The rest of the above items were purchased at Loblaws at Bathurst and St. Clair. The turnover of fresh seafood is quite high there.

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