Saturday, 5 April 2008

Frankenfood: Organic spray pancake batter

In the last week I've discovered twitter.

Actually, truth be told, in the last week I made a point to learn a bit about twitter....micro-blogging being the new wave and all.

One of the really neat things about that makes facebook like, uh, so the ability to receive live feeds about any topic you choose.

So yesterday I plugged in 'track organic' into my gtalk twitter feed and sat in amazement as the live tweets rolled in (and still is a hot topic on twitter...and elsewhere).

This was a twitter I received on the organic track tonight:
The world has officially ended. You can get spray organic pancake batter. Like spray cheese. Except it's pancakes. And organic. wtf?via this twitter user who is someone I do not know or follow on Twitter

Curious comment isn't it? Don't you want to know more?

Well I did, so I highlighted 'spray organic pancake batter', right-clicked, and searched.

Here was the first hit (just hover your mouse to see their oh-so-catchy name....or click through to see their 'splashy' page.....omfg).

Hey it must be good for you if it's organic right? The name alone should send you running and screaming. Or blasting out some real food from your kitchen :)

Has the world officially ended?

The word organic is a bit of a joke if it can be plopped into a spray can(!) that has been inserted with 'food'. Organic food no less. I wonder what kind of inert gases blast this stuff out. Oops. I should say organic inert gases.

And please remember that pancake mix is something that could be made with just a few raw ingredients and a hand mixer in about 10 minutes.

As my friend Doug used to the 1990s...."You know, you just wait and see, just one of these days they just might get a man on the moon."

And for those that are not aware of this 'line' is a spoof from the conspiracy theory that claims that man landing on the moon was in fact orchestrated by the new medium of television in the 1960s....that the whole moon landing occurred in a TV studio rather than on the moon (wiki has a fascinating entry on this).

Indeed Doug, indeed.

Maybe they'll take some of the organic pancake spray up there with em too eh?

I don't know about you but I think that this link has made my twitter explorations worthy for sure.

To find out that another [random] human being on this planet regards organic spray pancake batter as much of a perversion as I do is somewhat comforting.

The natural laws of food have been disregarded for near a century now - or more?

Perhaps this is what happened to the people of Teotihuacán. We're more certain about the people on Easter Island.


Anonymous said...

Wow...what a video demo!

I will fall flat on my face and ask my husband to quit working at Whole Foods if they put this product on their shelves!

How busy can you be to not be able to whip up a simple pancake batter? Maybe we should be creating more downtime in our day to cook instead of buying/eating crud like that!

Thanks for the scary but funny in a way blog,


mdmhvonpa said...

Hehe ... remember that Arsenic and Asbestos is organic. There is very little regulation in this segment of the industry ... buyer beware!

The Good Eatah said...

Wow. They sure did put a lot of effort into that website.

Thanks for linking to your pancake recipe; it looks great! Though, I'm a bit miffed at the difference between buckwheat groats and grits. May I process my groats to make grits?

Orla Hegarty said...

beinggammey...your husband works at Whole Foods? That's great for the discount! I'm curious to know if they do start to carry this product. I think they would but perhaps I will be wrong.

mdmhvonpa....the ingredient list of most 'organic' processed foods is quite frightening....more like 'eater beware' nowadays eh? lol

Wisewebwoman said...

Ten again, the word organic is so corrupted and perverted now. On CBC yesterday I heard we should be prefacing organic with local-organic to bring it into more reality. I mean when organic strawberries are being trucked up from Mexico we have to give our heads a shake and also organic apples from China? Puh-eese. Plus organic in one country is not the same as say a Canadian definition.
But organic pancakes in a squeeze can, oh my. Something for the books alright!