Tuesday, 1 July 2008

The Goddess Weeps

TEDTalks turned 2 this week and released a top 10 list.

I think the numbers speak for themselves. This entry is my attempt to scream loudly into the void called the internet....yet again. 150 years of literally scraping together rights for females (kind of)worldwide has led to so very few women that have ideas worth sharing.

But at least the top idea worth sharing is from one remarkable woman that I posted right here a few months ago. I have recollected her talk for months now - alone and with friends.

Is gender analysis a worthy pursuit 'in this day and age'?

Until the ultimate basic necessity of life,caregiving, is recognized as an idea worth talking about then I, personally, think so. On the planet at this very moment most women are too busy caregiving to even watch TEDTalks let alone contribute to them.


TEDTalks speakers: Gender breakdown for all speakers (source)

TEDTalks speakers: Gender breakdown for speakers in the Entertainment Theme

TEDTalks speakers: Gender breakdown for speakers in the Technology Theme

TEDTalks speakers: Gender breakdown for speakers in the Design Theme

Heads of state or government: Gender breakdown for 192 UN countries and 2 independent states (source)

Worldwide population (2008 Estimate): Gender breakdown (source)


Wisewebwoman said...

If enough of us scream into the void then we will be heard.
How demeaned has been the real work of life, the compassionate work, the caregiving as you say, the creative and the nobel.
The focus needs to be changed. I too have thought about that Ted talk and will see it again once I'm out of dial-up dementia.

Orla Hegarty said...

I was a bit hesitant posting this entry since it obviously dichotomizes our world.

But how could I not post it?

We have all become lord (or for some lucky women, like you and I, ladies) of our own destiny...albeit only in some parts of the world (like ours). Being a female in Canada is a very fortunate situation.

Despite that, our elected Canadian representatives still don't represent a 50-50 gender split (in fact it is nowhere near that).

And why is that? Because women are too busy multitasking to devote any time to politics.

Oh well. We march on.


Dr. Nicole said...

Wow! The numbers don't lie when it comes to male world domination. Fascinating!!!

We have at least made some progress though. Sadly...


Wisewebwoman said...

I should be doing far more important things than this:
Time to tighten up the writing skills and write a short story in 6 words a la Hemingway.
Please don’t hate me for tagging you…..

Taxingwoman said...

Yeah it really bugged me to see one lone woman at the G8 summit.

Stony said...

The only solution to the world's secure and safe future is if women take complete control immediately.

Look what the males have/are doing - the planet cannot bear it any more. I think Women must Rule the World for at least 200 years to form any balance and end the stupidities of war and greed and ego-MANia.

Return of the Goddesses like the Oracle of Delphi and the ones of Minoan and Stonehenge where sharing, caring and charity were among the highest values of Society that can be Peaceful, Happy and Healthy