Thursday, 6 March 2008

Waitress Soufflé with Dairy Free Mashed Potatoes 2.0

The movie Waitress is one of the best movies of the century so far - imho. If you have seen it then you know why it is appearing on a food blog. The main character's obsession is with creating pies as her form of therapy. If you haven't seen it and you are a foodie then you really must ;)

Last night, whilst literally whipping up the following, I pondered that movie. I had a moment of complete simpatico with the main character and I felt a relief wash through me.

My obsession is not with pies but with creating foods that I can enjoy within the parameters of my diet restrictions.

I must say that the following inspirations turned out quite divine.

Waitress Soufflé

I used my blender to beat the following ingredients:

4 organic free range eggs $5.53/dozen ON Karma
3 organic mushrooms: one crimini, one oyster and one shitake $11.74/kg ON Loblaws
1/8 cup corn meal $1.23/kg ? Karma
1/4 cup water
salt and pepper to taste

I poured this into a preheated lightly oiled 10" cast iron skillet. I added 2 cooked and chopped pieces of organic bacon ($17.24/kg ON Beretta) directly on top of the mixture. I covered the skillet on the stove top and cooked at med-low heat for about 10 minutes or until the sides started coming away. I then put this into a 275 F oven for about 15 minutes.

I served the soufflé with an organic baby spinach ($27.96/kg CA Dominion) and sliced cucumber ($1.95/each ON Karma) salad and my second effort at dairy free mashed potatoes i.e. 2.0 using internet vernacular. There were no left over mashed potatoes....they were quite good.

Dairy Free Mashed Potatoes 2.0

4 medium organic red potatoes $1.98/kg ON Karma
1/8 cup pesticide free hemp seed nut $22.00/kg MB ManitobaHarvest
1/4 lightly chopped organic white onion $3.25/kg ON Karma
1 tsp nutritional yeast $12.30/kg ? Ambrosia
1/8 cup organic sesame seed oil $16.38/L QC Karma

Peel and boil the potatoes. While the potatoes are boiling use a nut blender and grind the hemp seed nut (using a regular blender will make the 'milk' a little more textured). Using the same blender add the onion, nutritional yeast, sesame oil and about 1/4 - 1/2 cup water.

After mashing the potatoes mix in the blenderized 'milk'. I then placed this in the oven with the soufflé at 275 F for 15 minutes. The low heat softened the onions and reheated the mashed potatoes.




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Wisewebwoman said...

Thanks, Orla, great recipes.I'm checking out Manitoba Harvest for the hemp.